Park your car and let our professional guards look after it

Barcelona is not a car city, park in the city center, right in front of the Sagrada Familia, and start enjoying your stay.

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Comfortable schedule to take and leave your car

Your car will be protected by a guard during opening hours. During the night the door will close and the car will safely be kept inside.

Make sure you have your parking space

Book in advance so you make sure there will be available place for your car. You can take the car and leave it as many times as you whish.

Reduce costs by booking the whole time of your stay at once

Leave the car in one place in order to get a discount and move on foot or by public transportation so you can save a lot of money.

Very convenient and close transportation means

All the drivers authorized by the person who books the place will be allowed to take the car on display of their IDs.

It's a great relief knowing my car is been taken care of and I can move freely around. I loved the excellent service provided by the staff of Garaje Sagrada Familia!

Jose Miguel Herrada, from Sevilla

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